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A Season for Reaping

A Season for Reaping


It is a season for reaping impossible harvests. A flower too can be a scythe. The sentinel waited in total stillness but now that you’ve arrived, he turns away. Ferns curl lace-like from the earth, brushing your ankles as you follow. 

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Made in France using a traditional cylinder mould process, by the country's only fine art paper mill still practicing that method

100% cotton, which contributes to the paper's natural beauty

310 GSM, thick and substantial

Has an even grain and a gorgeous felt-marked finish

Truly archival — does not contain any OBA’s, meaning that with proper care the print's colouring will remain accurate for generations


In order to make framing more accessible, all my prints come in standard sizes. 

Borders are included within the total print dimensions. A 16 X 20 print would require a 16 X 20 frame, and so on. This means that you will easily be able to find a ready-made frame online. 

If you are having the work custom framed and prefer the look of even borders on all four sides, or no borders at all, your framer can trim them to your taste.


The 16 X 20 print has an 0.75 inch border to the left and right and a 1.25 border on the top and bottom.

The 20 X 24 print has a 1.5 inch border to the left and right, and 1.75 inch border on the top and bottom.

The 24 X 30 print has a 1.5 inch inch border to the left and right, and a 2.5 inch border on the top and bottom.

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